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Love the One You're With

Customer's rule! They decide an organization's fate. Will it thrive or whither?

It's never been easier for customers to tell others about great experiences. Social media makes it fast and effortless. Customers are eager to share their joy. Good news spreads like wildfire.

Customers crown new champions like Facebook, Netflix, and Uber.

But, customers are also eager to share their distain with poor experiences. They want to help others avoid pain. Their loud voice can cripple a seemingly invincible incumbent. Poor news spreads like cancer. 80% of customers say they won't buy from a business with negative online reviews.

Customers crush old champions like Blockbuster, Dell, and Blackberry. 

Are you ready to thrive?

Our Mission

To accelerate progress in consistently designing and delivering awesome experiences.

Our Approach

We help organizations focus on creating, installing, and improving three vital capabilities. Three powerful engines to ignite your organization and fuel excellence:

  1. Listening engine - understanding what's important to unique customer segments and creating effective ways to constantly monitor the voice of the customer. Design thinking speeds learning. Insights shape priorities. Effective communication of insights inspires the organization.

  2. Improvement engine - driving lasting changes to the processes that matter most is part art, but mostly science based on proven principles. Developing expertise in how to rapidly experiment, learn, and improve is how the winners continue to broaden the gap.

  3. Talent engine - selecting the right people, developing strong leaders, and building enduring customer-focused skills throughout the organization. Loyalty leaders value employees and understand that without highly engaged employees, it's impossible to consistently deliver delight.

No organization can be successful in the long-term without being great at these three engines. Examine all the loyalty leaders and you'll find they excel at these.  They are deliberate in their approach to driving strong capabilities in these areas. Great companies augment these engines with a highly effective operational infrastructure, strong executive leadership, and inspiring communication.

We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we will catch excellence.
— Vince Lombardi, Legendary Green Bay Packer Coach

Professional Achievements

LoyaltyRocks was formed in 2014. Brian Andrews created the firm to leverage his background and vast network of talented change leaders and consultants throughout the world. Some of the past accomplishments include:

  • Created the world's first Net Promoter System (NPS) - Intuit 2003

  • Led the CX transformation at Sprint as one of the six major turnaround pillars.

  • Sprint achieved the lowest level of customer churn in the company’s history for two consecutive quarters.

  • Dramatic increases in loyalty

  • 95% customer retention rates

  • Achieved world-class Net Promoter Scores

  • Led company-wide CX leadership community

  • 2013: Gartner/1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards - Gold Winner Customer Experience

  • 2013: Temkin Group Customer Experience Award Winner

  • Scott Cook Innovation Award Winner - 2006 & 2008

  • CEO Leadership Award Winner - 2007 & 2009

  • Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), Founding Member and Board of Director

  • Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and Certified Operational Customer Management (OCEM)


  • Contributed significant content for "The Ultimate Question 2.0" - Fred Reichheld & Rob Markey

  • Innovation recognized by Time, BusinessWeek, Accounting Today

  • Helped place Intuit on Fortune Magazine's "Top 100 Places to Work For" 2002-2013

  • Represented Intuit on Bain’s NPS Loyalty Forum for five years

  • Frequent CX Speaker - Gartner, Forrester, Bain, Marcus Evans, Medallia, Sony, Charles Schwab, Intuit, Sprint, ExxonMobil, Booz Allen Hamilton, Medallia

  • Conducted several CX webinars and podcasts with leading thought-leaders and publications including Jeanne Bliss, Rob Markey, Lynn Hunsaker, Jeannie Walters & Adam Toporek, CX Network, CMO Magazine

  • Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing Examiner

  • Content contributor - Focused Quality - Managing for Results, Becoming Lean - Experiences in U.S. Manufacturing, Time Based Manufacturing

  • Featured in the 2007 Stanford Graduate School of Business Case Study - Intuit: TaxAlmanac

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